Serious tools for serious jobs

Certain jobs require a certain kind of tool.
That's why we offer choices for every line of work.

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    standard sets

    From the basics to more advanced options, choose Standard Sets for light, medium and heavy projects.

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    Select from and compare 10 complete modules of specifically organized tools to pick the best set for your line of work.

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    professional sets

    Professional Tool Sets take things to the next level. Find the right one for your garage or shop needs.

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Any Tool. Any Time.

Lost it? Stripped it? Need a replacement?
Find the tools you need to get back up and running.

Specialty Jobs Demand Specialty Tools.

When people say "the right tool for the right job," these are the tools they are talking about.
They're more than time savers — they're life savers.

  • universal

    Stop searching for the right socket or wrench. The Universal tooth design grips 6 types of nuts and bolts, including: hex, 12 point, square, external TORX®, spline and even rounded fasteners.

    • Universal Tooth Design
    • Ideal for Tight Spaces and Precise Control
    • Lifetime Guarantee
    • Reinforced Open End
    • Angled Head
    • Matte Surface Finish with High Contrast Marking
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  • max axess

    Long threaded rods and tight spaces have met their maker. Up to 40% stronger than traditional wrenches and built with a low profile and pass-through design, these tools go where others can't.

    • Pass-through Design
    • Low Profile
    • Up to 40% Stronger than Traditional Wrenches
    • Available in Standard or Metric
    • Deliver Torque and Ratchet Action
    • Max Axess also Available with Universal Tooth Design
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