Zero Turn
Riding Mowers

Tackle all angles of
obstacle-packed yards.

With features like a zero-inch turning radius
and a top speed of 7 mph, these machines
allow you to mow without compromise.

Select the zero that fits

With 42, 46 and 54-inch deck options.

Plus, every Craftsman Zero Turn Riding Mower comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

  • 42-Inch Deck
  • 46-Inch Deck
  • 54-Inch Deck

Recommended Deck Sizing

  • For yards 1/2-1 acre,
    use a 42-inch deck.
  • For yards 1-3 acres,
    use a 46 or 48-inch deck.
  • For yards 3+ acres,
    use a 54-inch deck.

Still not sure? Let us help you choose your next riding mower.

  • Zero Turn Technology

    Zero Turn isn't any one component. It's everything working together to deliver a zero-inch turning radius. Independent Drive Wheels at the back spin you on a dime while swiveling Caster Wheels up front keep you from tearing things up. The Pivoting Front Axle follows your yard's contours for a smoother ride and an even cut. Lap Bars in the cockpit keep all that maneuverability under control. Ultimately, it's the last word in getting big lawns done when there's better stuff to be doing.

    Briggs & Stratton® Platinum Series Engine

    (Featured on select 42, 46, 48 & 54-inch models)

    The Craftsman Exclusive counterbalanced V-Twin Briggs & Stratton® Platinum Series Engine package is qualified to 25% longer engine life.* The automotive-style lubrication system prolongs engine life by cooling critical parts under heavy loads while offering maximum protection from dirt and debris.
    *When compared to expected life standers of a Briggs & Stratton® Intek with XRD engine.

    KOHLER® 7000 Elite Series Engine

    (Featued on select 42 and 54-inch models)

    Run rings around your neighbors with a pro-grade engine created just for Craftsman®. Consistent Cut Technology provides more consistent power to the deck to help you get the perfect cut. Our PRO Performance oil filter and dual-element air filter deliver maximum protection from dirt and debris, while the PRO Performance fuel filter and platinum spark plug give more reliable starting. We ramped up durability with heavy-duty features like cast-iron cylinder liners.

    Dual Hydrogear® EZT® Transmission

    (46 & 54-inch models)

    The Dual Hydrogear ® EZT® drivetrain features sealed and maintenance-free transmissions available on the 46" and 54" Craftsman zero turn mowers. The EZT transmissions provide smooth and accurate turning, as well as infinite speed control. These transmissions feature 10cc pumps and motors with a 1" axle for heavier loads.

    Wheeled Cutting Deck

    The Cutting Deck features 4 Outrigger Wheels mounted along the sides to prevent scalping. Paired with Adjustable-Gauge Main Wheels, our Zero Turn Riding Mowers handle terrain some caster-wheeled models can't.

    Complete Start

    (Model 20414 only)

    Automatically control blades with our Fingertip Engagement® technology. And with our Integrated Service Minder, you'll know the perfect time to change the oil.

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