Woodworking Blades
No Tearing
No Sanding
No Compromises
Tear-free cuts so smooth
you can skip the sanding.
Premium-Cast Aluminum Router Table
Extreme Capacity
Beautiful Detail
Bring sharper detail to your biggest projects.
Quick-Lift™ Gravity Stand
From Stored
To Sawdust
In Seconds
Roll it out, lock it down, and put your
bench-top tools to work quicker than ever.
Less Wobble
Truer Cuts
Oversized, precision-ground
tooth and body profiles
resist wobbling for smoother,
straighter cuts.
Sharper off the
Shelf. Sharper
Down the road.
Triple-chip ground carbide teeth
hold their edge longer and
accomodate multiple sharpenings.
Covered in
Breakthrough electrostatic coating
prevents friction, overheating,
and resin buildup. Plus, it cleans up
with plain old soap and water.
Gallery and Projects
All the Accuracy
None of the Fuss
Micro-adjust fence puts
the router bit exactly where
you want it.
Pinpoint Precision
On a Massive Scale
600-square-inch work surface is one of the biggest
on the market. It's milled to within 0.005 of an inch
flat for professional results every time.

Lock and Load
Drop-in plate lets you make change-outs
and adjustments on-the-fly.
That first project I made was truly ugly, but I had built it myself.
It was the first time dad had trusted me to his Craftsman tools.
I still remember that being a really big deal. – Bob Whiting
Can't think of a better way to remember Gramps than working
with tools he used for decades – Jeff Faye
My first house came with a 20-year-old Craftsman push mower.
That thing still works better than my neighbor's brand new rig.
– Chris Trinco
Get the most
From your
Folding tubular steel
construction stows up and
out of the way with the tap
of your foot.
Take your bench
top mobile
Whether you're on-site or in the shop,
the 8-inch wheels put your bench-top tools
right where you need them.
Clever details designed
to get the job done.
Craftsman Gravity Stand
Steel Rollers
at each end help tame
longer work pieces.
Universal Quick-
Release Brackets
mount your miter saw and
other bench-top tools in no time.
Adjustable Arms
extend out ot 80in. to support
longer work pieces.
Tubular Steel
supports up to 330 lbs.
deploys and folds the stand to
help you finish that much faster.
8-Inch. Wheels
take the show on the road.
Power Strip
with safety switch keeps
your cords under control.
Top Woodworking Products
Tips & Care
Working with
Reclaimed Wood?
Make sure to pull out any old nails and
use a multi-material blade for any cuts.
It'll handle any nails you may have missed.
Tips & Care
Heading to the
lumber yard?
Be on the lookout for checking (cracks) or
warping (twist, bow, and cup). Don't forget
to buy a little more than you need. We all
make mistakes.
Tips & Care
Is your jointer
That's a telltale sign it's time to replace
your blades to manufacturer's spec.
You should also keep an eye out for any
burns, tears, or vibration.

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