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  • 1 piece ½" plywood
  • 1 piece of ¼ plywood (or luan)
  • 6 mil Visqueen
  • ½" screws or nails
  • Spray glue

How to Build a Hovercraft


If you thought that hovercrafts only exist in the movies, then wait till you see this. The Craftsman Experience crew turns fantasy into reality with simple tools and materials, and you can, too.


Date: March 1, 2011


1. Using a jig saw, cut matching circles out of the plywood and luan. The circles should be big enough in diameter to hold a small chair and the leaf blower.

2. Wrap the underside of the ½" piece of plywood with the Visqueen sheet and fold over the top. Then staple and tape it down.

3. Use a spray glue to glue the Visqueen and wood, and put the ¼" circle over the top of your ½" plywood.

4. Clamp down tightly and screw or nail the 2 pieces together. Be careful not to use hardware longer than ¾" or it will stick out the bottom of the hovercraft.

5. Using a hole saw or jig saw, cut out a circle through both pieces of plywood that will fit your leaf blower.

6. Poke holes in the bottom of the Visqueen approx. 1" in diameter. The number of holes will vary with each leaf blower, so start off with a couple. You can always punch more.

7. Attach a chair to the hovercraft in the center of the circle and you're ready to go. When using the hovercraft, be sure to leave plenty of room in front of you and make sure your extension cord is long enough.

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