John Turner

March 2011

John Turner
When and how did you get into using tools/doing projects?
I got into tools when I was a kid working with my uncles, & did some woodworking & welding in high school. I just got back into the project scene this last year after I had a small stroke last May & wood working stuff was something that was kind of therapy for me.
What do you do when you're not tinkering in the garage and working on other projects?
I go to my grandkids' ball games or practices, or me and my wife just go cruising.
What's the project you're most proud of?
My first shelf that I got finished after my illness. I had not done any woodworking in nearly 30yrs and it was all brand new to me again & I think I did a pretty good job on my bookshelf. I have had multiple requests to build this bookshelf for others. Guess that's a compliment right there.
Any stories of DIY disaster?
My only DIY disaster would be leaving paint in my air sprayer too long and really causing a mess and a problem.
Why do you use Craftsman tools?
I use Craftsman tools because of their quality & warranty & the fact that my grandfather & uncle all used Craftsman tools & I guess they passed their Craftsman loyalty on to me. Now my son is just starting his own tool collection & he has used mine & purchased his own Craftsman tool sets to continue our family tradition, plus he said he doesn't like cheap made tools.
How did you get your DIY skills?
I started reading books & learning from friends & relatives. Now I can access online materials to help me & a new & pleasant feature is being a part of the Craftsman online community. I have learned a lot from them & continue to learn from them. I am having fun doing projects & wish I would have started up again a long time ago.
Anything you have to say to other craftsmen out there?
You can do anything with the right tools, a know how to find information that you need & can build something to be proud if & make it look professional. Get stumped? Just log onto the Craftsman community & there is surely someone there that would be more than happy to help. Those guys are great & they have helped me build things that I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I was capable of building.