Douglas Cole

November 2011

Douglas Cole
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When and how did you get into using tools/doing projects?
I got into using tools/doing projects through cars. I bought a 1992 Camaro as my first car and started making friends who owned Camaros and Firebirds through message boards. from there I started working on my own car and found that I really enjoyed it.
What do you do when you're not tinkering in the garage and working on other projects?
When I am not in the garage I have several other things that keep me busy. Computers are my job and I also greatly enjoy them from hardware to software. I got into motorcycles about 7 years ago and currently own 4 of them. My wife and I are season ticket holders to the Seattle Sounders FC of the MLS and I am a passionate fan.
What's the project you're most proud of?
The project I was most proud of was my 1988 Trans Am. I bought it from a neighbor not running well and with some decent body damage. I upgraded the suspension, did my best to repair the body damage and when something went wrong in the stock motor I swapped in a bigger motor. The car was a super fun daily driver with the 350 5-speed manual combination.
Any stories of DIY disaster?
DIMyself Disaster...I am really boring, I really don't have any exciting DIY Disaster stories unfortunately...I am young, get back to me in 10 years.
Why do you use Craftsman tools?
I use Craftsman tools because of their value. It's a good American brand that is tough as nails, but doesn't cost me an arm and leg. Nobody else offers a no questions asked exchange policy like Sears does, but I have only rarely had to use it. I also enjoy the brand's reputation. People know Craftsman is a good brand, so I am proud to display my Craftsman tool box full of Craftsman tools.
How did you get your DIY skills?
I got my DIY skills through reading on-line (LOTS of reading) and practice. I would love to learn more woodworking skills and the Craftsman on-line community has really been a driving factor in that, as some of the guys on there do some amazing woodworking projects.
Anything you have to say to other craftsmen out there?
All I can say is get out there and do it, even if it is outside your comfort zone. Arm yourself with the knowledge and then give it a shot. I have gone from not being able to change my own oil to doing engine swaps and complete rebuilds, but I can still remember getting under the car for the first time and feeling so intimidated. You can learn a lot from reading, and that knowledge is invaluable, but nothing can replace getting your hands dirty.