August 2012

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When and how did you get into using tools/doing projects?
I was first interested in home improvement and woodworking in High School. I've always admired personal preparedness and self-sufficiency skills. I like to accumulate old Brace and Bit tools made in old New England and New York. Some of them are even old Craftsman brand bits. Being green to me means quality non-electric hand tools and garden tools!
What do you do when you're not tinkering in the garage and working on other projects?
I have kids in school and like to watch their sports. I rafted down the Colorado River six weeks ago for seven days.
What's the project you're most proud of?
I'm proud of a 220-foot home wood fence that I built 16 years ago; it still looks pretty good.
Any stories of DIY disaster?
When I was in college, I broke a spark plug off in my Yamaha motorcycle. Never made that DIY mistake again. It was not a majorly expensive problem, just a pain to fix. This year, I overfilled a small engine with new oil during a tune-up. I learned a new term, as the engine was "hydrolocked." That took me a few hours to clean and fix. I will not do that again either. I used Craftsman hand tools to fix the above problems both times.
Why do you use Craftsman tools?
My grandfather was a professional Buick mechanic and loved Snap-on tools. I learned one thing from him, and that is to always buy the best quality hand tool that you can. I wanted to be a military officer and not a professional mechanic, so Snap-on was not for me. I started accumulating quality made in USA Craftsman hand tools at my local Sears when I started to drive at age 15 (permit).
How did you get your DIY skills?
I grew up in a single mother household, so I learned DIY tasks by trial and error over time. Later in life, the Army did send me to a 6-week school for vehicle maintenance and that was excellent. It is also a great help to have quality hand tools for every DIY project.
Anything you have to say to other craftsmen out there?
It's easier than ever to learn new skills with the Internet and YouTube. The Craftsman Club Community site's forum is a great place to exchange ideas and you can learn a lot! Buy quality made USA hand tools and they will last many lifetimes! Quality never goes out of style! Take care of your tools. A little soap/water (clean) and then oil will keep them like new for a long time.