April 2013

Community Name
Joe F
When and how did you get into using tools/doing projects?
Thanks to my parents and grandparents, I’ve had a tool set for as long as I can remember. I started young, taking everything apart to see how things worked. Putting them back together came much later!
What do you do when you're not tinkering in the garage and working on other projects?
I truly enjoy my time with family and friends. When I am not working on a project, it will be there for me tomorrow.
What's the project you're most proud of?
My kids! (But at ages five and three, they are a work in progress!) For a building project, I am proud of my classic cars and the tree house complex I am building for my family and our community to enjoy.
Any stories of DIY disaster?
Let’s just say it involves a whisk chucked into an air-powered drill set on high used to make scrambled eggs. (Yes, I do have an air supply port in my kitchen!)
Why do you use Craftsman tools?
Craftsman has provided for me and for my family for generations and I can depend on Craftsman to help me get the job done.
How did you get your DIY skills?
Growing up, I had a lot of encouragement from my family to try everything—twice! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. A lot of the basics I learned either from my parents, grandparents, the internet, or I was self taught with a lot of trial and error.
Anything you have to say to other craftsmen out there?
Encourage youth—to dream, to think, to explore, to build.