When he was 2, Chase Ewoldt was diagnosed at Lurie Children’s with Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor, a rare, aggressive brain tumor. To explain cancer to their young son, Chase’s parents used terms from his favorite sport, baseball. They described his cancer is a baseball growing in his head and told him that the doctors were going to help him get better by taking the baseball out. For both the stitches that stretched across his scalp and for his cancer, Chase still refers to them as his “baseball.”  Chase underwent successful brain surgery to remove the tumor and aggressive chemotherapy treatments. After many ups and downs, Chase continues to receive treatment at Lurie Children's. In a letter of gratitude to Chase’s Neuro-Oncologist at Lurie Children’s, Dr. Rishi Lulla, Chase’s mother Ellie said, “You somehow made the unthinkable more bearable, and for that, you will always and forever be considered a trusted friend and a precious member of our family.”