Measuring and Layout

Durable and accurate CRAFTSMAN® measuring and layout tools make measuring fast and easy. You can pick from a full line of tape measures from 13 to 40 ft., stud sensors and finders; laser distance measurers, and levels of all types. CRAFTSMAN makes it easy to measure twice and cut once.

Levels (9 Results)

Box, I-beam, and torpedo levels are precise instruments for level and plumb measurements. Box beam levels are available in both standard, and lighted models with easy-to-read LED vials. I-Beam levels are lightweight with solid aluminum bodies and built for heavy-duty use.

Stud Finders (3 Results)

Locate framing studs or joists behind walls and ceilings CRAFTSMAN® stud finders are designed accurate, compact, and easy-to-use so you can take pride in a wide range of projects.

Squares (1 Results)

Accurately finish your projects with CRAFTSMAN® layout tools and squares. With easy-to-read markings and durable construction, CRAFTSMAN® squares are available in a wide variety of styles.

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