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Where do I send my rebate request to?

While a vast majority of the rebates are directly supported by Sears, some rebates are supported by specific manufacturers. In order to ensure that your rebate is processed as quickly as possible, check for the mailing address on the submission forms that you received at the time of your purchase. If you have lost your form, or are unable to locate the mailing address, please reference the "Rebate Forms" page on this site to view the specific rebate in question.

When can I expect to receive my rebate?

If you meet all of the purchase requirements, you can expect to receive your rebate in 6-8 weeks from the time you mailed it in. (Please note: For Manufacturer's rebates, allow 10-12 weeks.)

Why do you ask for my e-mail address on the rebate form?

For your convenience, we provide an option for e-mail notification. If you provide your e-mail address, we will notify you via e-mail when your rebate is received and when your check has been shipped. Your e-mail address will not be sold to any 3rd party companies.

I purchased my rebated item either online or over the phone and I did not receive a cash register receipt. Am I still eligible for the rebate?

Yes, if you made your purchase online or over the phone you are still eligible. The packing slip or email notification that you received with your order can be used as the receipt.

What is a UPC code? Where is it located?

The UPC code is a barcode found on the box or the product packaging, not on your rebate receipt. It is a row of black vertical lines. Beneath the lines there is a single digit number out to the left and a single digit number out to the right. In the middle there is a series of numbers. This barcode is also the manufacturer's proof of purchase.

What should I do if I mailed in my rebate form, original receipt, and UPC code and it was never received by the Sears Rebate Center?

All customers are encouraged to make copies of all documentation that is mailed in.

Where can I find the serial number?

The serial number is usually located on the back or bottom of the product. It is a series of numbers that may be preceded by "SN" or "S/N".

How can I find out the status of my rebate?

Go to or call 1-866-79-SEARS.