Red Cross Line Laser

Red Cross Line Laser

We're on the level. Leveling, measuring, and stud finding tools are accurate, compact, and easy to use. Laser levels are available in red or highly visible green laser beam options. Cross lines are perfect for installation of partitions, shelves, cabinets, tile, and flooring. Our laser level with integrated stud sensor combines two tools in one, its detects both wood & metal studs as well as Live AC. In addition, it also projects a horizontal laser line. Other models can accurately identify stud edges or center points as well as energized wires. Our three laser distance measurers work off a rechargeable li-ion battery platform and provide accuracy measurements at the click of a button. Two out of the three will also allow for easy area and volume calculation capabilities.


  • VERSATILITY: 100˚ vertical line & horizontal lines
  • VISIBILITY: 36 ft. Visible Range
  • DURABILITY: Locking pendulum helps prevent damage
  • TOOL SECURITY: 3 position lock switch with manual mode
  • EASE OF USE: Removable quick link bracket
  • TRIPOD COMPATIBILITY: 1/4-in 20 thread mount
  • EASE OF USE: Touch pad control panel


  • Drywall
  • Builder Remodeler
  • Framing
  • Woodworking


  • (1) Bracket
  • (1) Batteries


Product Width
101 mm
IP Rating
Product Height
4 in
Product Height
111 mm
Product Width
4 in


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