SAE 30 4-Cycle Lawn Mower Oil (20 oz)

SAE 30 4-Cycle Lawn Mower Oil (20 oz)

  • A PREMIUM SAE 30 4-CYCLE LAWN MOWER ENGINE OIL formulated to resist thermal breakdown and reduce deposit formations for longer, better engine protection
  • MEETS AMERICAN PETROLUEM INSTITUE API Service Level SN more stringent sludge control and seal compatibility
  • API SN PERFORMANCE with improved fuel economy and protection of engines operating on ethanol-fuels
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Product Overview

SAE 30 4-Cycle Lawn Mower Oil resists thermal breakdown and reduces deposit formulations for longer, better engine protection. It has additional additives to keep your engine clean and meets the API SN specification.

Additional Features

  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED with additional additives to keep engines clean


  • 4-Cycle Lawnmower Engines
  • 4 Stroke Lawnmower Engines


  • (12) CMXG0AW3020 4-Cycle Lawn Mower Engine Oil


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