25 Tine Aluminum Handle Lawn Rake

25 Tine Aluminum Handle Lawn Rake

  • PERFORMANCE: Spring back steel tines
  • COMFORT: Lightweight aluminum handle

Product Overview

The 25 Tine Lawn Rake is ideal for raking lawn clippings from fresh cut lawns and sidewalks. The lightweight materials minimize fatigue during the repetitive motion of leaf raking. All 25 tines contact the ground at the same time, so the leaves are collected quickly and efficiently.

Additional Features


  • Easily gathers twigs, leaves, and debris from lawns
  • Great for raking thatch from lawns, allowing water and nutrients to reach grass roots


  • (1) CMXMLBA3500 25 Tine Aluminum Handle Lawn Rake


Product Weight
18.5 lbs


No Limited Warranty

Unfortunately, this specific product is not eligible for any warranty. Whilst this product is not eligible, further information about our warranties can be located below.

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