5W-20 Full Synthetic Oil Change Kit

5W-20 Full Synthetic Oil Change Kit

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR OIL CHANGE: 6 quarts of oil, 1 oil filter, 1 crush washer, 1 funnel, and 1 oil change sticker
  • OEM-APPROVED VISCOSITY FOR PEAK ENGINE PERFORMANCE: This kit contains 5W-20 oil that your service manual recommends
  • FULLY CERTIFIED SYNTHETIC OIL FOR ENHANCED PROTECTION: CRAFTSMAN® oil is tested to ensure it meets or exceeds API SP standards
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Product Overview

Proudly Made In The USA With Global Materials In Golden Valley, MN., the 6 Quart 5W-20 Full Synthetic Oil Change Kit is the ultimate tool for your oil change. It provides everything you need to change your oil. CRAFTSMAN 5W-20 Full Synthetic Automotive Engine Oil is designed for automotive gasoline engines to give optimum engine protection in every environment, excellent thermal stability to maximize service live, and protect against LSPI (Low-Speed Pre-Ignition). The oil filter in this kit is engineered to keep your engine oil free from particulates, and when paired with synthetic engine oil can keep protecting an engine for up to 10,000 miles between oil changes. The oil has been tested and certified to meet API SP Resource Conserving and ILSAC GF-6A requirements to provide protection against LSPI, timing chain wear protection, improved high-temp protection, and improve fuel economy.\n \n This kit is specifically created to for use in select Ford®, Lincoln®, and Mercury®, vehicles to keep engines running for up to 10,000 miles between oil changes:\n Ford®\n 1995-1996 Bronco V8 5.8L\n 1995-2000 Contour V6 2.5L\n 1993-2011 Crown Victoria V8 4.6L\n 1997-2014 E-150 V8 4.6L, 5.4L\n 1998-2014 E-250 V8 5.4L\n 1997-2004, 2011-2015 E-350 V10 6.8L\n 1997-2015 E-350 V8 5.4L\n 2000-2004, 2010-2015 E-450 V10 6.8L\n 2000-2015 E-450 V8 5.4L\n 2002-2003 E-550 V10 6.8L\n 2001-2007 Escape V6 3.0L\n 2000-2004 Excursion V10 6.8L, V8 5.4L\n 1997-2004 Expedition V8 4.6L, 5.4L\n 1996-2010 Explorer V6 4.0L, V8 5.0L\n 2007-2010 Explorer Sport Trac V8 4.6L\n 1998-2010 F-150 V8 4.6L\n 1998-2004 F-150 V8 5.4L\n 1994-1999 F-250 V8 4.6L, 4.6L MT, 5.4L MT, 5.8L\n 1994-1995 F-350 V8 5.8L\n 2008-2010 F53 V10 6.8L\n 2006-2007 Five Hundred V6 3.0L\n 2006-2009 Fusion V6 3.0L\n 1996-2010 Mustang V8 4.6L\n 2001-2010 Ranger I4 2.3L, V6 4.0L\n 1996-2005 Taurus V6 3.0L\n 1994-1997 Thunderbird V8 4.6L\n Ford® Super Duty\n 1999-2004 F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 V8 5.4L, V10 6.8L, AT, MT\n Lincoln®\n 2002 Blackwood V8 5.4L\n 1995-2002 Continental V8 4.6L\n 1993-1998 Mark VIII V8 4.6L\n 1998-2002 Navigator V8 5.4L\n 1991-2011 Town Car V8 4.6L\n 2006 Zephyr V6 3.0L\n Mercury®\n 1994-2001 Cougar V8 4.6L, V6 2.5L\n 1992-2011 Grand Marquis V8 4.6L\n 2003-2004 Marauder V8 4.6L\n 2005-2007 Mariner V6 3.0L\n 2006-2007 Milan V6 3.0L\n 2005-2007 Montego V6 3.0L\n 1997-2010 Mountaineer V8 5.0L, 4.6L\n 1995-2000 Mystique V6 2.5L\n 1997-2005 Sable V6 3.0L

Additional Features

  • EXACT-FIT HIGH-ENDURANCE OIL FILTER helps keep particulates out of your engine oil so your engine stays properly lubricated
  • MADE FOR USE IN SELECT VEHICLES: Keep Ford® 1995-1996 Bronco V8 5.8 L, 1995-2000 Contour V6 2.5 L, 1993-2011 Crown Victoria V8 4.6 L, 1997-2014 E-150 V8 4.6L, 5.4 L, 1998-2014 E-250 V8 5.4 L, 1997-2004, 2011-2015 E-350 V10 6.8 L, 1997-2015 E-350 V8 5.4 L, 2000-2004 and 2010-2015 E-450 V10 6.8 L, 2000-2015 E-450 V8 5.4 L, 2002-2003 E-550 V10 6.8 L, 2001-2007 Escape V6 3.0 L, 2000-2004 Excursion V10 6.8L, V8 5.4 L, 1997-2004 Expedition V8 4.6 L and 5.4 L, 1996-2010 Explorer V6 4.0 L and V8 5.0 L, 2007-2010 Explorer Sport Trac V8 4.6 L, 1998-2010 F-150 V8 4.6 L, 1998-2004 F-150 V8 5.4 L, 1994-1999 F-250 V8 4.6 L, 4.6 L MT, 5.4 L MT, and 5.8 L, 1994-1995 F-350 V8 5.8 L, 2008-2010 F53 V10 6.8 L, 2006-2007 Five Hundred V6 3.0 L, 2006-2009 Fusion V6 3.0 L, 1996-2010 Mustang V8 4.6 L, 2001-2010 Ranger I4 2.3 L and V6 4.0 L, 1996-2005 Taurus V6 3.0 L, 1994-1997 Thunderbird V8 4.6 L, Ford® Super Duty, 1999-2004 F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 V8 5.4 L, V10 6.8 L, AT, and MT, Lincoln®, 2002 Blackwood V8 5.4 L, 1995-2002 Continental V8 4.6 L, 1993-1998 Mark VIII V8 4.6 L, 1998-2002 Navigator V8 5.4 L, 1991-2011 Town Car V8 4.6 L, 2006 Zephyr V6 3.0 L, Mercury® 1994-2001 Cougar V8 4.6 L and V6 2.5 L, 1992-2011 Grand Marquis V8 4.6 L, 2003-2004 Marauder V8 4.6 L, 2005-2007 Mariner V6 3.0 L, 2006-2007 Milan V6 3.0 L, 2005-2007 Montego V6 3.0 L, 1997-2010 Mountaineer V8 5.0 L and 4.6 L, 1995-2000 Mystique V6 2.5 L, and 1997-2005 Sable V6 3.0 L engines running for up to 10,000 miles between oil changes
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA with globally sourced materials in Golden Valley, MN


  • (6) 5W-20 Full Synthetic Automotive Engine Oil - Quart
  • (1) Filter replaces OEM FL820S
  • (1) Crush washer
  • (1) Oil change sticker
  • (1) Funnel


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  • Always consult your owner’s manual before performing an oil change.