Digital Rain Station with Forecast Technology, Wireless Rain Gauge, Lighnight Detector and Built-In Barometer

Digital Rain Station with Forecast Technology, Wireless Rain Gauge, Lighnight Detector and Built-In Barometer

  • WIRELESS RAIN GAUGE: A wireless, automatic self-emptying rain collection cup makes for easy, hands-off measuring and easy reading on the indoor digital rain gauge display.
  • ILLUMINATED DISPLAY: Auto-dimming, backlit weather station display provides historical rainfall records for the previous 48 hours, week, and year.
  • COMPREHENSIVE WEATHER INFORMATION: The indoor weather station display provides the current and daily high/low outdoor temperature and humidity readings, barometric pressure measurements, and lighting distance and strike information.
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Product Overview

Looking for a garden rain gauge, outdoor thermometer, or a personal weather station for your home, workshop, or garage? Look no further! The CRAFTSMAN Digital Weather Station comes with forecasting technology, a wireless rain gauge, a wireless lightning detector, and a built-in barometer. Create a weather center in your toolshed by having vital rainfall, outdoor temperature, outdoor humidity, barometric pressure, and lightning detection information at your fingertips to keep you informed about the weather. This weather station provides you with a weather forecast from barometer measurements taken in your own backyard. You’ll also be able to wirelessly monitor rainfall, so you’ll know when it’s too wet to mow your lawn or lay concrete, and you’ll also receive early warning of lightning within 25 miles of your location, so you’ll know when to take shelter inside. As added conveniences, this weather station also provides the date and time (automatically adjusting for daylight saving time) and an auto-dimming option that decreases brightness to 15% during nighttime hours. The outdoor lightning sensor requires four (4) AA alkaline or lithium batteries (not included), and the self-emptying rain gauge requires two (2) AA alkaline or lithium batteries (not included). The indoor weather gauge display is powered by a 5V adapter and can take three (3) alkaline or lithium batteries for optional yet recommended battery backup. This digital rain station comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Additional Features

  • LIGHTNING STRIKE COUNTER: Displays the running total of lightning strikes detected, plus weekly and monthly totals.
  • LIGHTNING ALERTS: The indoor display can provide alerts for lightning strikes with a warning light and audible alarm.
  • WEATHER ALARMS: Set alarms for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and rainfall.
  • CONVENIENT WEATHER CLOCK: The date and time automatically update for daylight savings time.


  • (1) Rainfall Collection Cup
  • (1) Digital Display
  • (1) Wireless Lightning Sensor




1 Year Limited Warranty

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