Multi-Room Tempurature and Humidity Monitor With 3 Indoor/Outdoor Themometers

Multi-Room Tempurature and Humidity Monitor With 3 Indoor/Outdoor Themometers

  • REMOTE OUTDOOR SENSORS: Three indoor/outdoor, weather-resistant wireless temperature and humidity sensors provide measurements to one digital display.
  • INDOOR DISPLAY: Features built-in temperature and humidity gauges for measuring conditions at the display's location.
  • MULTI-AREA MONITORING: With a remote humidity and temperature snesor in outdoor areas like the garage, yard, or shed, and indoor areas like a bedroom, workshop, or basement, you'll get the benefits of both an outdoor and indoor weather station on one display.
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Product Overview

The CRAFTSMAN Multi-Room Monitor is the perfect addition to your workstation and provides you with environmental insight into four separate areas in or around your home. It includes a four-zone digital display and three indoor/outdoor wireless temperature and humidity sensors, allowing you to monitor your garage, workshop, toolshed, or even a basement. In addition to having the ability to measure temperature and humidity in up to four locations in and around your home, this display also provides you with the day of the week, time, and date — an added bonus, making for the perfect weather clock. The premium weather gauge display has its own built-in digital thermometer and humidity gauge that lets you view, at a glance, environmental information to help keep your family comfortable while protecting your residence and possessions. Whether you use this weather station in your garage, toolshed, or home, this monitoring system will provide you with the temperature and humidity readings for whatever area you want to keep an eye on. Each sensor requires two (2) AA alkaline or lithium batteries (not included), and the wireless weather station display requires three (3) AA alkaline batteries (not included). This multi-room temperature and humidity station comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Additional Features

  • TEMPERATURE: Temperatures are shown in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius and include a trend arrow.
  • HUMIDITIY: Humiditiy readings (%RH) also include a trend arrow, and the humidity level icon indicates high, low, or ideal indoor home conditions at the display's location.
  • PROGRAMMABLE ALARMS: Receive a visual and audible alert to notify you if temperature or humidity conditions exceed your preset ranges.


  • (1) Display
  • (3) Temperature and Humidity Sensors




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