1/3 Sheet Clamp-On Wet/Dry Waterproof Sandpaper (1500) (10 PK)

1/3 Sheet Clamp-On Wet/Dry Waterproof Sandpaper (1500) (10 PK)

  • PREMIUM GRAIN: Made with premium silicon carbide grain, which offers a higher cut rate and uniform scratch pattern which makes it perfect for achieving fine finishes
  • 1500 GRIT: Best for wet or dry sanding color and clearcoats to remove runs, dirt nibs, and orange peal
  • WATERPROOF: Use with water to help lubricate the surface during sanding to help prevent buildup of particles on your sandpaper and reduce scratches on your project
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Product Overview

The 1/3 Sheet Clamp-On Wet/Dry Waterproof Sandpaper is the ideal choice when wet sanding and finishing by hand are required. The latex backing provides maximum durability while being flexible enough for sanding curved or contoured surfaces. The tough silicon carbide grain helps produce exceptional finishes in wet sanding applications. We offer a full grit range that will take your project from start to finish.

Additional Features

  • DRY USE: Use dry during the preparation phase of a project, usually when removing existing finishes, rust, and oxidation. It is also key when sanding and shaping body fillers and primer coats
  • SUPERIOR ADHESION: The grain is resin-bonded for superior grit adhesion
  • MANY APPLICATIONS: For use on wood, metal, fiberglass, and painted surfaces, particularly for wet sanding after 1000 grit to increase the sheen on topcoats and generating a high-gloss finish


  • (10) 1/3 Sheet Clamp-On Wet/Dry Waterproof Sandpaper


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