Sleeve Hitch

  • Once attached, the Sleeve Hitch lets you place ground engaging attachments to your riding mower at the proper angle for convenient use. Boasting a simple one-time installation of mounting brackets to the rider, the sleeve hitch offers simple removal for mower use with other tow-behind attachments.


  • Proudly Made in the USA in Sullivan, Illinois
  • COMPATABILITY: FITS CRAFTSMAN T200 and T300 Series Riding Mowers
  • ENSURES PROPER ATTACHMENT FIT: The hitch keeps ground-engaging attachments low so they'll operate at the proper angle
  • DURABILITY: Heavy-duty gauge steel construction for durability
  • EASY MOUNT: Simple, one-time installation of mounting brackets to riding mower frame
  • CONTROL FROM SEAT: Easy to lift and lower from the rider seat with integrated handle

Product Includes

CMXGZBF7124586 Sleeve Hitch GT 1 X


Weight Capacity 43 lbs