24-in. Push Broom With Built-in Squeegee

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  • The 24-in. Push Broom with Built-in Squeegee is two durable cleaning tools in one. 24-in. wide cleaning surface sweeps away wet and dry debris such as standing water, slush, grass, leaves, dust and dirt. The steel brace reinforces the connection between the brush head and handle preventing the head from becoming loose. The comfort grip makes this a cleaning tool that can be used for daily clean-ups.


  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE: Moves standing water or slush from garages, patios, decks and driveways
  • DUAL FIBERS: For maximum cleaning power on both wet and dry debris
  • DURABLE: Resin block
  • PATENTED: Built-in rubber squeegee
  • COMFORT: 60-in. metal handle with comfort grip

Product Includes

CMXMLBA6824A Broom 1 X


Length 60 ft
Weight 3.65 lbs
Width 24 in
Handle Material Metal
Bristle Stiffness Combination of stiff inner fibers and soft outer fibers

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