RC12YC Spark Plug

  • Replacement spark plug for engines using part # 5066K, 5092K, 496018S, 491055S, 696202, 699496, 71G, CHM71G, 531308128, M78543, 12 132 02-S, 4790 400 700, 21531100, RC12YC, RC14YC, RC12YX. Replaces 7133456


  • EXTEND ENGINE LIFE: Spark plugs that become worn or built-up with carbon will decrease the engine’s fuel efficiency and power. A new spark plug helps the engine start easier, ensures proper combustion and performance, and helps extend engine life.
  • OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE: For optimum engine performance, replace the spark plug each season.

Product Includes

CMXGZAM250017 spark plug 1 X