2 in. Surface Conditioning Quick-Change Disc Kit with Backer Pad

  • The 2 in. Surface Conditioning Quick Change Disc Kit with Backer Pad contains a quality backer pad, a medium conditioning disc, and a coarse conditioning disc. These premium non-woven conditioning discs have a high-quality grain embedded into the synthetic fibers and are great for deburring, blending, and cleaning a wide range of materials.


  • NICE SURFACE FINISH: Non-woven material enables aggressive cutting action, giving you a nice surface finish
  • QUICK CHANGE: Twist-and-lock style fastener makes changing disc quick and easy
  • MANY APPLICATIONS: Great for removing rust, oxidation, gasket material, and other surface imperfections

Product Includes

Backer Pad 1 X
Conditioning Discs 2 X