Wet/Dry Vac Standard Replacement Filter

  • The Standard Cartridge Filter for wet/dry vacs is designed to be a replacement filter for most Shop-Vac(R)* brand vacs. It is designed for pick-up of everything from dirt and sawdust to jobsite debris or general build-up in your car or truck. For added convenience, the filter material can be washed with water and reused. To ensure maximum performance of your wet/dry vac, replace wet/dry vac filters regularly.


  • Fits most Shop-Vac(R)* brand vacs
  • DESIGNED FOR DRY PICK-UP: Replacement filter for dry debris and dust pick-up only
  • TRAPS EVERYDAY DIRT: Designed for capturing everyday dirt, dust and debris
  • WASHABLE FILTER MATERIAL: Filter material can be washed and reused for better filtering of debris
  • For optimal performance, replace vac filters at least twice a year to keep your wet/dry vac running like new

Product Includes

CMXZVBE38854 Wet/Dry Standard Replacement Filter 1 X


Tool Weight 0.7 lbs