Flexclaw® Pickup Tool

  • Next time you drop a small screw or tool between crevices in your car's engine, use this 24-in. Flexclaw Pickup Tool to quickly retrieve what you've lost. Featuring a flexible shaft. and spring jaws, you gain a secure grip on smaller hardware and large tools by pressing a plunger to tighten the spring steel claw. Professional mechanics, carpenters, maintenance workers and everyday homeowners all struggle with hardware when it drops through the cracks, but at 24-in. long, this flexible pick up tool can reach and retrieve what you've dropped hassle free.


  • VERSATILITY: 24-in. flexible metal shaft allows access into tight spaces
  • EASE OF USE: Free moving plunger action makes gripping small items simple

Product Includes

Flexclaw Pickup Tool 1 X


Height 0.75 in
Length 7.05 in
Width 4.37 in
Weight 0.25 lbs