Magnetic Pickup Tool 2lb

  • Keep the Magnetic Pickup Tool l in your pocket any time you're working with metal hand tools, and especially any type of hardware like nuts, bolts, screws or nails. It's a common problem when working on a project: everyone has dropped a crucial bolt under the hood of the car or lost a nail on the floor when hanging a picture. Instead of wasting time on your hands and knees trying to find it, let your magnetic pickup tool do the work.


  • MAGNETIC: tip lifts up to 2-lbs
  • EXTENDED REACH: Extends from 6-1/4-in to 24-in for added accessibility.

Product Includes

Magnetic Pickup Tool 1 X


Height 0.63 in
Length 9.69 in
Width 2.52 in
Weight 0.21 lbs