Hose Clamp Pliers

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  • Spring steel (Corbin) style hose clamps are commonly used to secure rubber hoses within an engine bay. Gripping and removing these is difficult with standard pliers. The Hose Clamp Pliers have jaws that are specifically designed to grip these hose clamps making them easier to remove. The built-in ratcheting feature allows the plier to maintain tension on the clamp so hands can be taken off the tool.


  • Designed to help remove and install Corbin-style hose clamps
  • COMFORT: Dipped handles for comfort and secure grip
  • CONVENIENCE: Locking mechanism for hands free operation

Product Includes

Hose Clamp Plier 1 X


Height 0.98 in
Length 11.89 in
Width 5 in
Weight 0.63 lbs

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