10-Way Slide Hammer Set

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  • The 10-Way Slide Hammer Set is a versatile tool set that is applicable to a wide range of puller applications. The 5lb hammer can be used with the various attachments to pull flange-type rear axles, oil seals, bearings, and other press-fit parts. The set includes both 2 and 3-jaw yokes. The puller jaws can be used for both internal and external pulling jobs. The pieces are stored inside a convenient blow-molded storage case.


  • VERSATILITY: 10 PC kit is designed for a wide range of puller applications including wheel hubs, axles, oil seals, bushings, and more
  • INCLUDES: 2 & 3-jaw internal and external pullers, rear axle puller, locking plier adaptor, and hook and dent puller
  • Included case provides convenient storage

Product Includes

Slide Hammer 1 X
3-Jaw Puller Adapter 1 X
2-Jaw Puller Adapter 1 X
Forcing Screw 1 X
Center Puller Cone 1 X
Puller Jaws 3 X
Rear Axle Puller 1 X
Front Hub Puller 1 X
Nut And Bolt Set 1 X
Dent Puller Adapter 1 X
Bolt Adapter 1 X
Puller Hook 1 X
Storage Case 1 X

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