Handheld Brake bleeder

  • Bleeding your vehicle's brakes is a difficult job to do alone. The Handheld Brake Bleeder turns a 2-person job into a 1-person job to help make automotive maintenance more convenient. The hand-operated pump connects to the brake caliper bleed valve and uses vacuum pressure to pull brake fluid through the system. The tool kit can also be used for other automotive diagnostic and mechanical tests that require vacuum pressure.


  • VERSATILITY: Operates as a brake bleeder as well as a vacuum tester
  • Accessories included for brake bleeding and automotive diagnosis
  • EASY TO READ: Rotating vacuum and pressure gauge in inches of Mercury (Hg)

Product Includes

Handheld Brake bleeder 1 X
Collection Container 1 X
Collection Container Lids 2 X
Clear Tubing Sections 4 X
Adapters 14 X


Height 2.64 in
Length 11.26 in
Width 9.17 in
Weight 1.23 lbs