Oil Filter Cap Wrench 93 mm with 36 flutes

  • The 93mm oil filter cap wrench fits securely over 93mm (36 flute) oil filter caps and thread-on style oil filters. The cast aluminum material is both lightweight and strong. The single piece construction is designed not to flex during use to avoid damage to filters and filter caps. The wrench can be used with either a 1/2" drive ratchet, 27mm or 1-1/16" socket.


  • PRECISION: 36 flute design provides a precise fit over the ends of filters and filter caps
  • EASE OF USE: Hexagonal engagement point for use with 1/2-in. drive ratchet
  • DRIVE SIZE: Can also be engaged with a 1-1/16-in. (27mm) socket

Product Includes

(1) Oil Filter Cap Wrench 1 X