Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool

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  • Everyone has dropped a crucial bolt under the hood of their car or lost a socket underneath the vehicle. Instead of wasting time on your hands and knees trying to find it, let your Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool do the work. The flexible shaft allows the tool to access hard-to-reach areas that may be out of your line of sight. The magnetic end is suitable for picking up small ferrous metal objects such as sockets and fasteners.


  • ACCESSIBLITY: 22-1/2-in flexible shaft provides better access in hard to reach areas
  • COMFORT: Bi-material handle for comfortable use and better grip
  • MAGNETIC: Magnetic pickup tool lifts up to 2lbs

Product Includes

Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool 1 X


Height 1.3 in
Length 11 in
Width 3.8 in
Weight 0.33 lbs

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