250A 6V MAX*/12V MAX* Wheeled Battery Charger and Jump Starter

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  • Introducing the CRAFTSMAN® CMXCESM233 250 Cranking Amp Wheeled Battery Charger and Jump Starter, an essential addition to any garage for home mechanics who demand complete control over the charging process. Crafted with precision to meet the high standards associated with CRAFTSMAN®, this robust charger is designed for efficiency and durability. Equipped with a 135-minute timer and manual charging rate selection, the CMXCESM233 allows you to oversee every stage of the charging process with ease. Its built-in ammeter provides real-time monitoring, ensuring optimal performance throughout. Delivering a powerful 250 cranking amps (12V MAX*) jump start, the charger features two boost modes: 50 amp (12V MAX*) and 25 amp (6V MAX*/12V MAX*), swiftly reviving depleted batteries. With a 10A 12V MAX* standard charge rate, it efficiently charges batteries to full capacity. Built to endure years of rigorous use, the CMXCESM233 boasts heavy-duty construction, including a sturdy steel case, reinforced handle, and solid wheels for effortless mobility. The 6-gauge booster cables and color-coded metal clamps guarantee secure connections. Compatible with a wide range of batteries, including standard, AGM, gel, and deep-cycle variants, the CMXCESM233 offers versatility to meet all your charging needs. Upgrade your garage with a CRAFTSMAN® battery charger and experience unparalleled performance and reliability.
    • 250A engine start
    • 50A (12V MAX*) boost
    • 25A (6V MAX*/12V MAX*) boost
    • 10A (12V MAX*) charge
    • Manual operation with 135-minute timer
    • Compatible with 6V MAX* and 12V MAX* standard, AGM, gel, and deep-cycle batteries
    • Dual boost modes quickly revive deeply discharged batteries – 50A (12V MAX*) and 25A (6V MAX*/12V MAX*)
    • Built-in ammeter for monitoring the charging process, as well as diagnosing battery problems
    • 6-foot front-mounted booster cables and a 6-foot power cable give users a 12-foot total reach
    • Built to last with a steel case, handle, solid-core wheels, and heavy-duty clamps
  • Product Height Product Height:
    23.3 IN
    Product Length Product Length:
    11.0 IN
    Product Weight Product Weight:
    30.6 LB
    Product Width Product Width:
    12.0 IN


    • Cmxcesm233 250A 6V/12V Wheeled Battery Charger And Jump Starter. Manual

Where to Buy
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