Craftsman 24 in. Gooseneck Bar

Craftsman 24 in. Gooseneck Bar
Item # 00937346000P Model # 37346

Craftsman 24 in. Gooseneck Bar

Choose a Craftsman 24 in. Gooseneck Bar for Big Jobs

Small pry bars and scrapers have their place in your tool chest and work great on smaller projects where finesse is more important than power, but when you face bigger jobs where power is what it's all about, you need a big tool like this 24 in. gooseneck bar. Just holding this pry bar in your hands with its gooseneck and high carbon steel construction and you can feel the heft and strength of this must-have tool.

This Craftsman 24 in. gooseneck bar feels and looks indestructible. It's powerful enough for demolition work and can rip up floorboards with ease. Of course it's also able to handle less complicated jobs and will pull up nails easily and pry up or pry open almost anything you need done with its two feet of steel power and strength. There is no need to improvise with other tools not suited for big jobs when you have this mighty tool in your tool chest.

  • A 24 in. gooseneck bar will help you handle the tough jobs where smaller pry bars just can't cut it
  • Two feet of crowbar made from high carbon steel can tackle even hard jobs like ripping up floorboards
  • The gooseneck end gives you options on positioning this bar to ensure you get the job done quicker
  • Because of its length, you get the leverage you need to pry up stubborn nails
  • This bar's ends are able to get into small spaces that require a power approach to prying or pulling


Dimensions and Capacity:
Overall Dimensions 24 in.
Product Overview:
Pry Bar Type Nail Puller
Handle Type Steel
Materials & Finish:
Material High Carbon Steel


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