Craftsman 4 oz. Ball Pein Hammer

Craftsman 4 oz. Ball Pein Hammer
Item # 00938461000P Model # 38461

Craftsman 4 oz. Ball Pein Hammer

Craftsman Ball Pein Hammer with Hickory Handle Strikes Sure

Select the Craftsman 4 oz. ball pein hammer for peining or shaping unhardened metal. It's the ideal hand tool when fabricating pieces to repair lawn and garden tractors, cars, trucks, motorcycles and more. The ball pein hammer is designed to pein or shape metals that have been welded or riveted together to create joint flexibility that allows for repair. This Craftsman ball pein hammer also is ideal for reshaping and removing dents from metal.

The Craftsman ball pein hammer weighs just 4 ounces, lightweight enough to make it easy to grip and swing multiple times when working out a dent in your car's bumper. This durable ball pein hammer features a handle crafted from hickory and measuring 10 1/4 inches long. The hammer face and pein have been machined for uniformity. Choose this Craftsman hand tool when you need to set rivets to complete a joint or to flatten an unwanted bulge or crumple in metal.

  • Designed to shape unhardened metal, the Craftsman 4 oz. ball pein hammer is a classic tool to complete your hand tool collection
  • Also known as a ball peen, machinist's hammer or engineer's hammer, this Craftsman ball pein hammer weighs 4 ounces
  • Its handle is hickory and measures 10 1/4 inches in length
  • Ideal for striking, shaping unhardened metal, fixing dents, and setting rivets
  • Features traditional hammer head and ball pein head that have been machined for uniformity, strength and durability
  • Craftsman quality hammer


Dimensions and Weight:
Head Weight 4 oz.
Product Overview:
Item Weight (lbs.) 4.5
Type Ball peen
Replaceable Head No
Insulated No
Color/Finish Gray
Handle Length (in.) 10.25
Handle Material Hickory
Handle Type Hickory
Tool Head:
Magnetic Head No


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