All Purpose 10-in. Tin Snips

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  • Snips are designed to cut various thicknesses of stainless and cold-rolled steel. Offset blade models help keep material away from hands while cutting. All models feature an auto-release mechanism for fast one-handed operation. Large handle rings and double dipped grips on the Tin Snips are designed for more comfortable use. Snip models include; offset long-nose, duckbill, 3-piece aviation set, offset left-cut, offset right-cut, straight-cut, right-cut aviation, left-cut aviation, straight-cut aviation, and 10 in. and 12 in. tin snips.


  • CUT CAPACITY: Cuts up to 22 gauge cold-rolled steel or 26 gauge stainless-steel
  • DURABILITY: Durable fully-polished steel blades are forged to stay sharp for long cutting life
  • ACCURACY: Laser Etched Blade Marking scale helps to make quick precise cuts
  • COMFORT: Large handle rings and double dipped grips for comfort

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