Razor Blade Gasket Scraper

  • Remove old gaskets, sealant and carbon build-up with this Razor Blade Gasket Scraper. The replaceable standard-sized razor blades store conveniently inside the handle and allows you to maintain a sharp edge. The tool perfect for gaining leverage on any type of gasket, cleaning the edges of gunk and grime, and removing adhesives from flat surfaces.


  • GASKET REMOVAL: Helps remove gaskets and cleaning gunk and grime from flat surfaces
  • ACCESSIBILITY: 11-in. length is designed to reach into tight spaces
  • COMFORT: Bi-material handle for comfortable use and better grip
  • CONVENIENCE: On-board blade storage
  • INCLUDES BLADES: Comes with 3 carbon steel blades & 2 plastic blades

Product Includes

Razor Blade Gasket Scraper 1 X
Steel Razor Blades 3 X
Plastic Razor Blades 2 X


Height 1.38 in
Length 14.49 in
Width 3.46 in
Weight 0.44 lbs