Double-Sided Box Knife

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  • Get the essential kitchen drawer or shop drawer tool in this high-utility, Double-Sided Box Knife. Safely and easily cut open boxes and packaging without damaging the contents inside with the knife’s dual-blade design. Cut from any angle with this Double-Sided Box Knife and quickly tear boxes down for recycling.


  • SAFE AND EASY BOX CUTTING: Versatile dual-blade design is the model choice for your home or workplace
  • DOUBLE-SIDED FOR TWICE THE EFFICIENCY: Quickly access the recessed blade and cut more in less time
  • ANTI-RESIDUE TAPE CUTTER: Built-in tape splitter punctures tape while keeping sticky residue off your blade
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: Ergonomic handle accommodates multiple hand positions
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE, LOW MAINTANENCE: When the blade dulls, replace with a new CRAFTSMAN® Double-Sided Box Knife

Product Includes

Double-Sided Box Knife 1 X


Number of Blades 1

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