PRO-10 1.125 X 25FT TAPE

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  • Measure twice, cut once, and rely on CRAFTSMAN® tape measures for fast and accurate measurements. Our PRO-10 tape measures are professional grade tapes with 10 ft. of standout for greater reach and ease of use. These heavy-duty tapes are 1-1/8 in. wide with extra large print and an anti-glare matte finish to make them easy to read. An extensive rubber overmold provides additional grip and durability.


  • 10 ft. of standout*
  • QUICK & EASY MEASUREMENTS: Extra large font to make the blade easy to read
  • GRIP & DURABILITY: Extensive rubber overmold
  • EASE OF USE: Multi-catch hook allows you to grab onto surfaces from either the top or bottom

Product Includes

Tape Measure 1 X


Blade Length (ft) 25 ft
Blade Width (in) 1-1/8 in
Blade Standout (ft) 10
Blade Coating Tylon
Belt Clip true
Blade Lock true

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