1-1/8-in. x 30 ft. PRO-10 Tape Measure

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  • This 30 ft. PRO-10 tape measures are professional grade tapes with 10 ft. of standout for greater reach and ease of use. These heavy-duty tapes are 1-1/8 in. wide with extra large print and an anti-glare matte finish to make them easy to read. An extensive rubber overmold provides additional grip and durability.


  • 10 ft. of standout*
  • QUICK & EASY MEASUREMENTS: Extra large font to make the blade easy to read
  • GRIP & DURABILITY: Extensive rubber overmold
  • EASE OF USE: Multi-catch hook allows you to grab onto surfaces from either the top or bottom

Product Includes

Tape Measure 1 X


Blade Length (ft) 30 ft
Blade Length (m) 9.1 m
Blade Width (in) 1-1/8 in
Blade Width (mm) 29.0 mm
Stud Markings (in) 16 in
Stud Markings (mm) 406.4 mm
Blade Standout (ft) 10
Blade Standout (m) 3.04
Weight (lbs) 1.221 lbs
Weight (kg) 0.554 kg
Blade Coating Tylon
Color Red/Back
Belt Clip true
Blade Lock true
Metric/SAE/USS Standard (SAE)
Gear Ratio N/A

Product Manuals

    *Standout claims based on maximum performance