23 pc. Acetate Screwdriver Set

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  • The 23 pc. Acetate Screwdriver Set features acetate handles with heat-treated, alloy steel blades for increased durability. A comfort optimized handle is ideal for high and low torque applications. Blades and shafts are coated with a satin-nickel finish to resist corrosion.


  • STRENGTH AND DURABILITY: Made of heat-treated alloy steel
  • COMFORT OPTIMIZED HANDLE: For high and low torque application
  • Satin-nickel finish

Product Includes

SL 3/32-in. x 1.5-in. (1), SL 1/8-in. x 2.5-in. (1), SL 1/8-in. x 4-in. (1), SL 3/16-in. x 1.5-in. (1), SL 3/16-in. x 4-in. (1), SL 3/16-in. x 6-in. (1), SL 3/16-in. x 9-in. (1), SL 1/4-in. x 4-in. (1), SL 1/4-in. x 6-in. (1) 9 X
PH #0 x 1.5-in. (1), PH #0 x 2.5-in. (1), PH #1 X 1.5-in. (1), PH #1 x 3-in. (1), PH #2 x 4-in. (1), PH #2 x 6-in. (1), PH #2 x 8-in. (1) 7 X
TX10 x 3-in. (1), TX15 x 3-in. (1), TX20 x 3-in. (1), TX25 x 3-in. (1), TX27 x 4-in. (1), TX30 x 4-in. (1), 4 in 1 pocket keychain (1) 7 X


Material Steel
Package Quantity 23.0
Head Type Varied
Length Varied in
Point Size Varied

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