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Your mower is a major investment. Keep it running properly with the easy-to-use Craftsman Smart Lawn app.

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Check your maintenance status to keep your mower running at its best.


Plan your mowing routine with local weather information.


Get video help and tutorials for mower maintenance tasks.


Order parts for your specific mower with the tap of a button.


Even if your new or existing Craftsman mower isn’t Smart Lawn ready out of the box, you can plug in the optional Connect Kit to enjoy all the benefits of the app.


The majority of new Craftsman Riding Mowers include Bluetooth technology to connect with the Smart Lawn app. Select the model that’s right for you.


Standard Craftsman mowers can connect to Smart Lawn with the Connect Kit. The Craftsman Connect Kit adds Bluetooth technology to existing Craftsman® mowers (sold since 2010).*

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*Connect Kit sold separately wherever Craftsman mowers are sold. Works with Craftsman Riding Mowers Manufactured from 2010 to present for all model numbers beginning with 247. and 917. Excludes 917.20401, 917.20404, 917.20414. And excludes 247 models that do NOT include Mow in Reverse operating system. Please see complete list of exclusions on

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Get the app that streamlines your mower's maintenance and keeps it running smoothly. Download it for FREE from the App Store or Google Play (works with devices running iOS 9, Android 4.4 and later versions).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Set your mower to its "run" position
  2. Keep your device within 150 ft of the mower
  3. Make sure your device's Bluetooth is turned on
  4. Make sure your mower's battery is fully charged
  5. If your mower requires a Connect Kit, make sure it is installed
  6. Make sure you have the most updated app version
The Craftsman Smart Lawn app is a digital assistant for helping you use and maintain your Craftsman Riding Mower. It provides alerts, tutorials, weather info and other resources to help you keep your mower running smoothly.
Craftsman Smart Lawn receives data directly from your mower using Bluetooth technology, providing up-to-date information about your mower's key replaceable components, such as the battery, oil, mower blades and air filter.
Bluetooth-equipped mowers that are compatible with Smart Lawn allow you to track the number of hours your mower has been running, allowing you to see when it's time to replace your battery, oil, mower blades and air filter.
Apart from the cost of the mower and your mobile device's data plan, there is no charge for using the Smart Lawn service.
The app is free for download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Craftsman Smart Lawn requires a device equipped with Bluetooth LE in order to connect with your mower. This includes most iOS and Android devices sold since 2011. Smart Lawn can be used with an Apple device running iOS 9 or higher or an Android device running operating system version 4.4 or higher.
Once you've created your account, the app will prompt you to enter your mower's model number and serial number barcodes. Next, put your riding mower or zero turn in the "ON" position or push the button pressed for push-button models. You can also have your engine fully running and it will attempt to pair with the mower via Bluetooth. Once the mower is synced, it should connect with your mower automatically any time the mower is running and your device is in range. It doesn’t need to be running, but it needs to be in the "ON" position, or push-button start pressed.
You should be within 150 feet of your mower with its engine running when you want to update your mower's runtime statistics. Other app features (weather, how-to content, etc.) can be used at any time, regardless of how close to you are to your mower, whether it is currently running or not.
Craftsman Smart Lawn allows you to connect multiple mowers to the app if desired. There is no hard limit to the number of mowers you can connect.
This app works directly with select Craftsman Riding Mower and Zero Turn radius mower models 247.20400, 247.20410, 917.27390, 917.27394, 247.27038, 247.27042, 247.27049, 247.27044, 247.27039, 247.27055, 247.27048, 247.27047, 917.27778, 917.27773, 917.27771, 917.27779, 247.27050, 247.27052, 247.27054 (Model number label found under the seat or on select Zero Turn radius models on the left side of the frame).

If the Riding Mower or Zero Turn radius mower is not already equipped with Smart lawn technology, the Craftsman Smart Lawn Connect Kit 25200 is required. Connect Kit sold separately wherever Craftsman Riding Mowers or Zero Turn radius mowers are sold. Works with most Craftsman Riding Mowers (including Zero Turn models) manufactured from 2010 to present when equipped with a Craftsman Smart Lawn Connect Kit (Item No. 25200). Exclusions noted below:

Excludes Riding Mowers: 917.20401 - 917.20404 – 107.25004 – 107.25005 – 107.25006 - 107.25007.

Excludes ZTRs: 917.20414 – 127.28875 – 127.28876 – 127.28877.

Excludes Models with prefix 247 that do NOT include “Mow in Reverse” operating system.

Please check back for updates and added compatibility.

Visit for installation guides, Riding Mower capability and how-to videos.
You can connect multiple mowers as long as they are compatible with the Smart Lawn app. To add additional mowers, open the global navigation by touching the icon on the top left. From there you will see the name of your current mower at the top. Touching the down arrow next to the current mower's name will show all mowers currently registered, as well as a box with a "+" sign that says "Add Product." Touch the "+" box and the app will take you back to the same connection process as your initial mower.
Smart Lawn is designed to be compatible with your existing Craftsman Club (ShopYourWay) account. Simply enter your Craftsman Club email and password to create your Smart Lawn account.
If you don't have a Craftsman Club account, you can create a new one using the app.
The barcode sticker for your mower's model and serial numbers is located below your mower's seat or in select Zero Turn mower models on the left side of the frame.
Verify that you have followed the below steps to connect.
  1. Set your mower to its "run" position
  2. Keep your device within 150 ft of the mower
  3. Make sure your device's Bluetooth is turned on
  4. Make sure your mower's battery is fully charged
  5. If your mower requires a Connect Kit, make sure it is installed

For additional support or questions, please contact the Craftsman® Customer Hotline at 1-888-331-4569. When prompted, Press 2 and then Press 1.
A negative number denotes that your mower is overdue for a particular service (Battery Replacement, Oil Change, Blade Replacement or Air Filter Replacement). The exact number indicates the number of hours past due you are for that service.