20 pc. VERSATRACK™ Starter Kit

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  • Proudly Made in the USA with Global Materials in Sedalia, Missouri. There's a place for everything in your garage with the VERSATRACK™ Trackwall system. The rails mount to drywall, studs or masonry and can hold up to 75 lb. per linear foot. When combined with CRAFTSMAN® hooks and accessories, they latch to the rails to prevent them from falling off when you remove your stored item.


  • Proudly Made in the USA with Global Materials in Sedalia, Missouri
  • ADDED STORAGE: Trackwall can be installed as individual strips or can support pegboard
  • HOOKTITE™ LOCKING SYSTEM: Holds hooks on the trackwall
  • NICE FINISHED LOOK: End caps create a finished look
  • UNIVERSAL INSTALLATION: Can be installed on drywall, wall studs, or masonry
  • Supports up to 75 lbs. per lineal foot
  • VERSATRACK COMPATIBLE: Part of the VERSATRACK Trackwall System giving you a convenient, custom method to mount your tools, cabinets and gear straight to the wall.

Product Includes

VERSATRACK™ Trackwall 2 X
Short General Purpose Hooks 2 X
Curved Pivot Hooks 2 X
Long General Purpose Hook 1 X
Outdoor Power Equipment Hook 1 X
Snap-in. Hooks 8 X
Installation requires screws and a drill 1 X

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