June 2011

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When and how did you get into using tools/doing projects?
Back when I was 10 years old, I helped Dad do renovations to the house. I've been using tools ever since.
What do you do when you're not tinkering in the garage and working on other projects?
I'm always working on projects, but during summer I sneak away to play some golf!
What's the project you're most proud of?
That's like asking a parent with five kids "who do you love more?" If I had to pick, I guess my favorite is an 18ft x 4ft x 9ft train I built for the high school. I donated 200 hours to the project.
Any stories of DIY disaster?
Funny one, too. It was my first time on a commercial site framing. The foreman told me to grab a 1/4inch 10 x 8 ft. piece of steel and go outside and cut 16 inches off with a straight cut. It was for the header of two operated doors in the hospital. Surely it would have to be cut outside. So I'm outside and it's snowing to beat the band! I can't see, but I grabbed my Craftsman tape to mark it out and then grabbed the partner saw and safety glasses. I cranked the saw up (gas powered with 16" abrasive blade) and started cutting like crazy. Sparks were flying like a war zone! Well, it was my first time using it, so I smell something burning, I look around and nothing. I keep cutting away. Now I really smell something burning, but I couldn't see any smoke in the sky with the snow jamming down on me. I start cutting again and smelling something, but this time I feel a very warm sensation on my legs. I looked down and I was on fire! I started rolling around in the snow and my Carhartt overalls were all burned up, my pants under them were burned up, my long johns under those were all burned up and my socks were singed. I stopped just in time! So here I am, walking this hunk of steel back inside on my shoulder and I look like I've been to war! All the guys were like what the %^% happened to you? Needless to say, 20 yrs. later some smart Alec will bring it up and everyone has a good laugh. So guys, when ya use a partner saw use it to the side of you, not in front of you!
Why do you use Craftsman tools?
I use them for the quality and the warranty.
How did you get your DIY skills?
It has been over 30 years, so I can't remember. A lot of things seemed to just fall into place. It kinda comes naturally, except the partner saw incident.
Anything you have to say to other craftsmen out there?
Always use caution with tools. Never take any tool for granted and have respect for all tools. And work neat. Work in a mess, the product will come out in a mess. Work neat and the product will turn out neat! And always use the right Craftsman tool for the task!