Mike Whitis

October 2011

Mike Whitis
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How long have you been working with tools?
I have been around tools and woodworking all of my life. My father was a custom cabinet builder and I spent a great deal of my childhood helping him in the shop. I have traced my family tree as far back as my great-great grandfather that originally came to American from Germany. He was a woodworker that built cabinets for area clock-makers.
What's your favorite tool?
That's like asking me which one of my children is my favorite! I would probably say my table saw. That is probably the most versatile tool in my shop and the one I would miss most if it was gone. I use it more than any other tool. A close second would be my router!
Why Craftsman?
I think the Craftsman tool line is the most extensive line of all of the major brands. Whether I need a woodworking tool, mechanic tool or general purpose tool, I can rest assured that they will have it. Furthermore, it's hard to beat the warranty! My local Sears store is very well stocked and convenient to where I live and work.
Favorite thing you've ever made?
When I was dating my wife, I built her a Jewelry Box as a Christmas gift. I even engraved a little brass plate to put on the bottom. The message on the plate is personal and I won't share it here!
What do you do when you're not on the Craftsman Community?
I enjoy reading, I collect vintage tools and I enjoy working with my 27-year-old son, restoring vintage Porsches.