Your Mower Is Not A Toy

Your Mower Is Not A Toy

Mowers aren’t toys

Your yard is a great place to spend time with your family and pets. Parents and caregivers can take a few simple steps to keep kids safe and avoid injury when operating mowers and other outdoor power equipment.

Don't give kids rides

Mowers and other outdoor power equipment are vital to installing and maintaining the greenspace around your home. They aren’t, however, toys to play with. Giving kids rides or letting them play on or around mowers can set a dangerous example.

Keep kids inside

When you mow or use other outdoor power equipment, make sure kids and pets are inside, closely supervised. Ensure they can’t get out into your working area until after the equipment is shut down.

Never tamper with or disable your mower’s safety equipment

Manufacturers work hard to design, build, and sell safe mowers and other outdoor power equipment. Each piece of equipment is different, but these can include features like automatic blade shut-off and no-mow in reverse. Never tamper with these settings.

Read your manual

Your owner’s manual lists the best information on safe operation of your specific equipment. Follow all guidelines for your outdoor power equipment and familiarize yourself with the controls. Review how to turn on, turn off, and use the equipment safely.