12 Piece Bi-Material Screwdriver Set

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  • 12 pc. Bi-material screwdriver set have black Oxide coating providing a more precise fit and reduced fastener stripping and cam-out. The polypropylene material, and ergonomic shape of the handle offers twisting force for three different applications; A speed-zone for Quick rotation, A torque-zone for added grip in heavy torque applications, and a precision tactile zone for tasks requiring more rotation control.
    • IMPROVED DURABILITY and FIT: Black Oxide Tip provides improved durability and grip without compromising tip fitment
    • QUICK ROTATION CONTROL: Speed and Precision Tactile Zones provide quick rotation control for efficient run down and precision tasks
    • ADDED GRIP TEXTURE: Torque Zone provides added grip texture and geometry for heavy torque applications
    • Common Applications: Carpentry, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, DIY and MRO
    • Includes: 1/8-in x 1.5-in, 3/16-in X 4-in, 1/4-in X 1.5-in, 1/4-in X 4-in, 5/16-in X 6-in, PH #0 X 1.5-in, PH #1 X 3-in, PH #2 X 1.5, PH #2 X 4-in, PH #3 X 6-in, 1 Offset Screwdriver, Magnetizer/Demagnetizer
  • Battery Included Battery Included:
    Cordless or Corded Cordless or Corded:
    Individual or Set Individual or Set:
    Product Material Product Material:
    Measurement Standard Measurement Standard:
    Number of Batteries included Number of Batteries included:
    Number of Pieces Number of Pieces:
    Power Source Power Source:
    Product Height Product Height:
    1.4 IN
    Product Length Product Length:
    16.3 IN
    Product Weight Product Weight:
    2.2 LB
    Product Width Product Width:
    10.1 IN
    Warranty Warranty:
    Full Lifetime Warranty


    • (12) 1/8-In. X 1.5-In., 3/16-In. X 4-In., 1/4-In. X 1.5-In., 1/4-In. X 4-In., 5/16-In. X 6-In., Ph #0 X 1.5-In., Ph #1 X 3-In., Ph #2 X 1.5, Ph #2 X 4-In., Ph #3 X 6-In., 1 Offset Screwdriver, Magnetizer / Demagnetizer

Where to Buy
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