100A 6V MAX*/12V MAX* Fully Automatic Battery Charger and Jump Starter

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  • Introducing the CRAFTSMAN® CMXCESM253 100A 6V MAX*/12V MAX* Fully Automatic Battery Charger and Jump Starter, a must-have tool for every home garage. Engineered with the renowned craftsmanship and durability synonymous with the CRAFTSMAN® brand, this versatile charger ensures your vehicle's battery stays healthy and ready for action. Equipped with a robust 100 cranking amp engine start and 30A boost capability, the CMXCESM253 is capable of jump starting cars, SUVs, trucks, and even large batteries with ease. Its multi-mode functionality includes a 6A <>2A charge/maintain mode, catering to various battery types including standard, AGM, gel, and deep-cycle batteries. Designed for hassle-free operation, this charger boasts fully automatic operation, featuring multi-stage charging, auto voltage detection, float mode monitoring, and reverse hook-up protection. The built-in battery and alternator tester empower you to diagnose battery issues and larger electrical problems from the comfort of your home. Convenience is key with the CMXCESM253, which includes wrap cleats for cord storage, an intuitive digital display, LED indicators for status updates, and user-friendly push-button controls. Additionally, the color-coded clamps ensure safe and secure connections every time. Upgrade your garage arsenal with the CRAFTSMAN® CMXCESM253 and enjoy peace of mind knowing your vehicle's battery is always in top condition and ready to go.
    • 100A engine start, 30A boost mode, and 6A<>2A charge/maintain mode
    • Battery and alternator testers let you diagnose battery and electrical issues
    • Fully automatic operation that employs an advanced multi-stage charging algorithm
    • Bad battery indicator
    • Desulfation mode
    • Reverse hook-up protection prevents damage to the charger, vehicle, and battery if the connections are reversed
    • Float mode monitoring adds a charge as needed to maintain a fully charged battery
    • Auto voltage detection automatically detects the voltage of a connected battery
  • Product Height Product Height:
    5.0 IN
    Product Length Product Length:
    12.0 IN
    Product Weight Product Weight:
    12.9 LB
    Product Width Product Width:
    16.0 IN


    • Cmxcesm253 Battery Charger. Manual

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