3A 12V MAX* Fully Automatic Battery Charger and Maintainer

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  • Introducing the CRAFTSMAN® CMXCESM259 1.5A 6V MAX*/12V MAX* Automotive Battery Charger and Maintainer, a reliable solution for keeping your stored and infrequently used batteries in optimal condition. Crafted with CRAFTSMAN®'s renowned quality, this charger ensures that all your car batteries operate at peak performance. Featuring fully automatic and microprocessor-controlled functionality, the CMXCESM259 offers auto voltage detection, multi-stage charging, float mode monitoring, and reverse hook-up protection for safe and efficient charging. Compatible with a wide range of battery types, including 6V MAX* and 12V MAX* standard, AGM, gel, and deep-cycle batteries, this charger caters to diverse needs. Designed for convenience, the CMXCESM259 comes with built-in mounting slots, allowing secure attachment to a wall or workbench for added safety and accessibility. Quick-connect clamps and quick-connect ring terminals enable seamless attachment to automotive batteries in seconds, simplifying the charging process. Invest in the CRAFTSMAN® CMXCESM259 for reliable battery maintenance and charging, ensuring your car batteries are always ready when you need them.
    • 3A charge/maintain
    • Compatible with 12V MAX* standard, AGM, deep-cycle, and lithium (LiFePO4) batteries
    • Scrolling digital display delivers step-by-step operating instructions and charging status
    • Fully automatic operation with microprocessor control
    • Multi-stage charging utilizes an advanced charging algorithm to maximize battery health and longevity
    • Float mode monitoring adds a charge as needed to maintain a fully charged battery
    • Reverse hook-up protection prevents damage to the charger, vehicle, and battery if the connections are reversed
    • Bad battery indicator
    • Desulfation mode
  • Product Height Product Height:
    5.0 IN
    Product Length Product Length:
    12.0 IN
    Product Weight Product Weight:
    4.3 LB
    Product Width Product Width:
    16.0 IN


    • Cmxcesm260 Battery Charger. Manual

Where to Buy
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