Garden Tools

Browse a variety of gardening tools, including rakes, shovels, pruning tools and more with CRAFTSMAN®. Get your yard in top shape at CRAFTSMAN®.

Sprayers (3 Results)

Sprayers and attachments are perfect to use for weed control, insect control and other cleaning applications.

Lawn Spreaders And Carts (5 Results)

Tillers (5 Results)

Get your garden ready for planting with 4-cycle CRAFTSMAN® Tiller/Cultivators. Make planting easy with a variety of options at CRAFTSMAN®.

Garden Rakes (11 Results)

Keep your yard neat and tidy with a large selection of garden rakes, including leaf rakes, metal rakes, forks and more. Learn more at CRAFTSMAN®.

Shovels (7 Results)

Complete a wide range of landscaping tasks with a variety of shovels designed for lawn enthusiasts and professionals.

Pruners (18 Results)

Trim branches and shape bushes with CRAFTSMAN® Pruners. Designed lightweight with comfortable grips, CRAFTSMAN® Pruners make quick work of yard maintenance.