Right Angle Drills

CRAFTSMAN® never cuts corners. Take on tight spaces with Right-Angle Drills featuring a compact design and a 90º angle. Get around obstacles and into small spaces with CRAFTSMAN® right-angle drills.


  • A drill and and impact driver are two separate tools with different functions, although they may look similar.

    A drill is a power tool that is designed to create a hole in a material. It typically has a chuck that holds a drill bit, which is rotated to create the hole. Drills come in different sizes and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as drilling holes in wood, metal, plastic, and other materials.

    An impact driver, on the other hand, is designed to drive screws and other fasteners into materials. It typically has a chuck that holds a screwdriver bit, which is used to turn the screw. Impact drivers come in different sizes and can be used for a variety of tasks, such as assembling furniture, installing cabinets, and hanging shelves.

    While both drills and impact drivers can be used for drilling holes, impact drivers are generally not as effective as drills for creating large holes or drilling through hard materials. Conversely, drills are generally not as effective as impact drivers for driving screws or other fasteners.

  • The first thing to consider is if you want a corded drill or cordless drill. Craftsman's cordless drills use lithium ion batteries to offer the convenience of mobility. Some cordless drills will also have brushless motors which are more efficient.

    Drill/Driver: This is the most common type of drill. It can be used for drilling holes and driving screws.

    Hammer Drill: A hammer drill is used for drilling through hard materials like concrete or masonry.

    Impact Driver: An impact driver is used for driving screws and bolts quickly and with more force than a drill/driver.

    Right Angle Drill: A right angle drill is used for drilling in tight spaces where a regular drill/driver cannot fit.

    Screwdriver: A cordless screwdriver is a small, lightweight tool used for driving screws.

    Rotary Hammer Drill: A rotary hammer drill is used for heavy-duty drilling tasks like drilling through concrete and stone.

  • A Hammer Drill has the same features of a Drill/Driver but also has a Hammer Mode setting (located on the clutch collar) to enable a “hammer” mechanism. This function allows for light drilling into masonry or concrete where a rotary drilling motion is not effective. This will require specific masonry drill bits.

  • Yes! A hammer drill is a Drill/Driver with an additional "Hammer" setting, but has all of the same functionality as a Drill/Driver.

  • The Craftsman V20* system is our assortment of over 100 products that are part of the Craftsman V20* Lithium Ion battery platform. 

    CRAFTSMAN Brushless RP (Runtime + Performance) motors are capable of achieving higher efficiency, long runtime, when compared to like CRAFTSMAN brushed motors using like batteries and types of application.

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