Power Tools and Accessories

Browse high-performance power tools and accessories, including drivers, impacts, saws and more. Get the best quality for the job from Craftsman.

Batteries and Chargers (28 Results)

Get the power to keep you going with CRAFTSMAN® power tool batteries and drill chargers, compatible with all V20* tools.

Drills and Impacts (30 Results)

Browse corded and cordless drills and drivers from CRAFTSMAN®, including super-duty reversible right-angle drills for tight spots at Craftsman.

Drill Drivers (9 Results)

Complete jobs in tight areas with lightweight drills designed for maneuverability. Get cordless or corded options from Craftsman.

Hammer Drills (7 Results)

Heavy drilling in concrete and masonry requires hammer drill performance. Browse CRAFTSMAN® tools, available in corded, cordless, & brushless cordless models.

Oscillating Tools (7 Results)

Carve, grind, engrave, sharpen, clean, cut, sand, and drill with corded or V20* cordless power with Oscillating Tools from CRAFTSMAN®.